The activities of the Association may include:
1. Organizing and convening Technical Conferences in tax and/or zakat related issues for the exchange of ideas and experiences. The Technical Conference is to be held on a rotation basis among members;
2. Organizing seminars, workshops and training courses on aspects of tax and/or zakat administration related issues;
3. Collecting, analyzing and disseminating legislative and administrative information on tax and/or zakat;
4. Providing direct technical assistance or collaborating with bilateral and multilateral agencies and generally facilitating work that provides research facilities in the field of tax and/or zakat administration;
5. Carrying out functions related to overall improvement of the capabilities of tax and/or zakat administration through functional cooperation between and among Member Countries;
6. Keeping abreast with all Member Countries as well as with activities of regional tax associations;
7. Creating mechanisms to coordinate and cooperate with related international tax organisations in order to benefit from their experiences in international taxation;
8. Exchange of visits and expertise among Member Countries to develop and improve the efficiency of the administration of tax organisations; and
Conducting research and studies in the field of tax systems and policies as well as tax administration and disseminate the relevant outcomes to Member Countries.