about ATAIC


The Association of Tax Authorities of Islamic Countries (ATAIC) was established on 15 October 2003 in Petrojaya, Malaysia on the margin of the 10th Summit of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), where the 1st Technical Conference was held on 4-7October 2004. The invitation was extended to all the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC ) and observers of the International Tax Organizations to participate in that conference.
• Approval of ATAIC Statute – Sudan 2009
• Affiliation of ATAIC to OIC – Morocco – 2010
• Sudan as host of ATAIC Permanent Secretariat – Jordan 2012
The conference discusses the challenges facing the tax systems in the Islamic countries in addition to the techniques of upgrading tax policies and legislations. The conference shall also discuss the annual conference, means of exchange of experiences and enhancement of cooperation among the member countries towards better capacity building for the staff of the taxation departments.

To support and promote the taxation departments and Islamic taxes focusing on Zakat in the Islamic countries to encounter the challenges and changes.
Representation of ATAIC
1- Participation in the activities of OIC.
2- Participation in the activities of OECD.
3- Representing ATAIC in the international tax forums such as Middles East and North Africa (MENA) tax Forum.
4- Participation in the regular meetings of Islamic Countries Foreign Ministers … etc